As trusted Bail Bondsmen in North Carolina we offer the best rates and the fastest service 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week!  We specialize in providing bail bonds in New Hanover, Brunswick, and Pender Counties with agents available anywhere in North Carolina, offering low rates and affordable payment plans. No Bond is too small or too large!!! We understand that anytime you are kept away from family, friends, and loved ones is time you will never get back.  Freedom Way Bail Bonds is here to help get you or your loved one out of jail and  back to their lives. Our Bail Bondsmen are fast, friendly, and readily available to serve your bail bond needs 24 hours a day.  We are "North Carolina's fastest way to freedom." Call Us Now For Bail 910-782-2422 !!


about Us

      Our company has years of experience in the bail industry. We are Bail Bondsmen who know how to secure your freedom as fast as possible while providing our service at a low cost to you. Our Bail Bondsmen are courteous, respectful, and empathetic of your situation at all times. We service all 100 counties of North Carolina 24 hours a day, 7 days  a week.  


How Does a Bail bond Work?

      When someone is arrested they are often taken down to the precinct, processed, given charges, and go before a Magistrate who gives them a bond.  The bond may secured, unsecured, or in some cases no bond at all.  If the defendant is given a secured bond the defendant will need to:

                   -Pay the full value in cash


                   -Use a Bail Bondsman  

       A Bail Bondsman can post the bond for you in exchange for a percentage of that bond. For example, someone with a $1000 secured bond would pay a Bail Bondsman $150 instead of paying the full premium to the courts.  Using a Bail Bondman is fast, affordable, and a convenient solution to a bad situation.  Freedom Way Bail Bonds allow you to put down 5%  on larger bonds and setup a payment plan that fits your budget.  Call or email us now for immediate assistance from one of our Professional Bail Bondsmen  910-782-2422 or!! "The Fastest Way to Freedom"

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