Bail Bonds

"5 Important Things To Know About Bail Bonds/Bail Bondsmen"


1.     “Bail Bondsman Arrest More Fugitives Than Any Other Form of Law Enforcement”

-It is an unknown fact to most people, that Bail Bondsmen in North Carolina actually bring more fugitives to justice than your local police officers.  Bail Bondsmen are licensed Bounty Hunters that can and will track you down and bring you to justice if you decide to skip court or pay them what you owe.  When you allow a Bail Bondsman to bail you out, you are then in the custody of that Bondsman until your court case has been settled or dismissed.  Therefore, you must make sure you follow the directions given to you by your bondsman; Checking in, making payments, refraining from further legal trouble, etc. 

2.      “This is not a TV Show, “Dog The Bounty Hunter” is for ratings and entertainment”

-Most people have seen the TV show with “Dog The Bounty Hunter” and believe everything they see on that show.  The fact of the matter is, this could not be any further from the truth.  Bail Bondsmen do not go around kicking down doors in search of fugitives with large crews of men and cameras following them around!  Bail Bondsmen are responsible for securing criminals appearance in court until their case has been completed.  Therefore, bail agents will pursue you if you decide to skip court or leave the state without permission, but we don’t go around kicking in doors.  Best thing to do in the case you may need a bail bond is to comply with all orders of arrest by the court and make sure you show up to court when directed.   

3.     “Bail Bonds Offer Substantial Savings”

-When defendants are arrested they go before a Magistrate who gives them a secure or unsecure bond, usually ranging from $500 up to $2 Million.  The defendant has 2 options to secure bail and get out of jail; pay the full amount of the bail in cash or with real estate collateral or pay a bail bondsman 15% of the bond to secure their release.  When you choose to use a bail bondsman you only pay a percentage of the bond usually 10-15% depending on the amount of the bond and the company you choose to use.  This money is non- refundable since it is the bondsman’s fee for posting your bail, but you are not responsible for paying the full amount to get your freedom back.  Therefore, usinga Bail Bondsman saves the defendant and the cosigner a substantial amount of money! 

4.     “Payment Plans Available”

-Many companies in the Triangle area offer payment plans to help secure bail for defendants.  Companies like “Freedom Way Bail Bonds” offer payment plans with as little as 5% down with credit approval.  This allows people to secure bail for family or friends with minimal out of pocket costs up front.  A feasible payment plan can be arranged based on budget and income.   

5.     “Bail Bonds Are Available 24/7”

-Bail bonds are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Most bail bonding companies offer their service 24/7 year round because people get arrested all the time.  This allows fast and reliable bail process any day of the year, enabling quick release of the defendant, allowing them to get back to their family and friends as soon as possible.  If you or a loved one is in need of a bail bond in the RTP area feel free to visit our webpage or  contact us anytime at “Freedom Way Bail Bonds” 919-236-7691 or !!